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Alimujiang Yimiti and his family
Photos from ChinaAid
Alimujiang Yimiti (36), a Uyghur Chinese house church leader who was arrested and imprisoned in January 2008 (click here for more information), has received a 15-year prison sentence for allegedly "providing state secrets to overseas organizations." The verdict, which stunned Yimiti's lawyers and family members, was read to him in prison on October 27. One of Yimiti's lawyers, Li Dunyong, has reportedly filed an appeal on his behalf. Li Dunyong also stated that Yimiti's Muslim background was a factor in his legal battle, stating, "The whole case is about religious faith issues which are being used against [him] for his conversion from Islam to Christianity, by biased law enforcement agents, prosecutors and the court." (Source: ChinaAid)

Pray that Yimiti will continue to draw near to his Heavenly Father amid his trials. Pray for Yimiti's wife and children, who are suffering many challenges in his absence.

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