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Nearly 200 police officers demolished the prayer room of Taishan Christian Church in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, China on September 21 on the grounds of a "building code violation." After the demolition, dozens of church members arrived on site and worshipped the Lord, reciting the Bible and singing hymns while the police officers tried to disperse them. A member of the church said a line of police prevented them from removing their belongings from the prayer room. The attack was the second such incident in less than a month, as authorities previously destroyed prayer rooms on August 30. Commenting on the incidents, Pastor Zhu said, "The last time they came here, they tore down six of the eight rooms.... [In this attack], about 200 people came again and surrounded the entire place. Then, they totally leveled the buildings, stating that the structures violated the building code."

On September 22, several believers were gathered for a Bible study and training session at Chen Pengyi Church in Wancheng District, Henan province when police raided the meeting. An American pastor, a Russian pastor and over 30 attendees, including local Christians, were detained. One believer's car was also confiscated. (Source: ChinaAid)

Pray that God will continue to give these believers a steadfast spirit of courage and faithfulness amid challenges for their faith. Pray that their witness will move their oppressors to be awakened to the saving knowledge of Christ. Pray that those detained will be released.

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