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On September 26, a house church meeting in Youqing, Sichuan province was interrupted by 10 police and security people, who proceeded to destroy and confiscate private property and detain and beat church members. The authorities, who claimed the gathering was illegal, smashed one desk and about 30 benches and hauled them away. They also confiscated the Christians' books, as well as 500 Yuan (approximately $75 CDN). They then took 20 Christians to the police station where they were interrogated. Five were released after their families posted bail, but the others remained detained for several hours before being released. During the detention, the director of the station beat two of the believers, Wang Junzhang and Yan Chuanchun. When the some of the believers returned the next day to retrieve their property, five were given 15 days' detention for "disrupting the public order under the guise of religion." (Source: ChinaAid)

Praise the Lord for the faithfulness of Chinese Christians who continue to meet together in fellowship, at great risk. Please pray for the release of those in custody. Pray that those who were beaten will be strengthened and fully restored.

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