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Pastor Zhang Shaojie
Photo: ChinaAid

Three believers in Henan province were recently released from prison after enduring nearly seven months in incarceration. However, another six believers from the Nanle County Christian Church remain imprisoned, including the church's pastor. The Christians were detained in November of 2013 following a land dispute between the church and the local government. (For more information on their arrests, please read our previous report.)

Yan Beibei, Fan Ruiling and Zhao Zhijun were freed on June 11th. One of the released Christians announced to a fellow believer: "It does not matter. It is normal for us to be imprisoned or to be freed. Let's continue (to spread) the Gospel."

Of the six Christians remaining in custody, Zhang Cuijuan and Zhao Junling are being held at the Nanle County Detention Centre; and Li Cairen, Zhao Guoli and Wu Guishan are being held at an unknown location. Finally, Zhang Shaojie, the church's pastor and the only detainee who has been to trial, awaits the court's decision on charges of fraud and "gathering a crowd to disrupt public order."

Thank the Lord that these three Christians have been released from prison! Pray that these believers will use their newfound freedom to glorify God and expand His Kingdom in Henan province. Please also remember the six believers who remain imprisoned. May God provide for their every physical, emotional and spiritual need, and may their release soon follow! Finally, let us also intercede on behalf of the authorities involved in this case, praying that their eyes will be opened to the truth of God's redemptive work through His Son Jesus.