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The Chinese government has shut down a quarterly Christian magazine that encourages the faith of up to 100,000 believers and provides information on recent incidents of persecution. The underground magazine, Ai Yan (which translates as Love Feast), benefits thousands of urban underground churches, as well as rural house churches.

Recently, police have closed the factory that prints Ai Yan and arrested the owner. The editor, who is also under police investigation, subsequently decided to temporarily suspend the publishing of Ai Yan. She is hoping to begin printing a second magazine titled, Show the Way.

Thank you for upholding the arrested printer, asking God to mediate on behalf of this case. Pray also that the editor, who is presently under investigation, will find a way to print the second magazine, "Show the Way," while "Ai Yan" is suspended. May the printing and distribution of Christian publications in China resume without government interference so unity can be promoted among the country's numerous believers and encouragement provided for their ongoing spiritual growth.