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cn yang rongli
Yang (centre) on the day of her release.

Yang Rongli, pastor of a mega house church network in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi, was thankfully released from prison on October 10th. Yang and her husband, Wang Xiaoguang, had been arrested in 2009 while visiting their hometown of Linfen to protest the government's demolition of a house church. Yang is now joyfully reunited with her husband whose release took place back in October 2012.

During her time at the Shanxi Women's Prison, Yang suffered from two kidney stones, in addition to developing diabetes and a heart condition. Despite her suffering, she continued to preach to Christians in the prison and even invited prison officials to listen. Despite everything she has endured, Yang is reportedly positive and bears no resentment.

On November 25th, 2009, the couple and three other believers were convicted of "gathering a mob to disturb public order" after organizing a prayer rally. Yang was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment, and her husband was sentenced to three years. Together, they were fined a total of 40,000 yuan (approximately $7,780 Canadian).  Five days later, they were ordered to serve in a labour camp for two years.

Yang, a 1982 graduate of Linfen Normal College, was retained by the college to teach because of her excellent academic record. She had also worked as an editor and reporter prior to going into ministry. To review a previously posted prayer alert report on the pastoring couple's arrest and sentencing, go to this page.