Upcoming Trial for Pastor Wang


Wang Yi - Photo: ChinaAid www.chinaaid.org
Wang Yi
Photo: ChinaAid

Wang Yi, pastor of the Early Rain Covenant Church, was arrested in December 2018 as part of coordinated raids against his church. Facing charges that could lead up to 15 years in prison, he has been patiently awaiting trial. On November 6th, Pastor Wang's lawyer, Zhang Peihong, received notification from the prosecutor that he would not be allowed to represent his client in court. The prosecutor claims that Zhang has too many ties with the pastor and his church.

According to the most recent report, Pastor Wang has appointed two new lawyers to represent him. Thankfully, they have been able to meet with him in preparation for the upcoming trial which is expected to begin soon. Read more details on his arrest.

May God's presence be very evident to Pastor Wang, his family and congregation as they approach the soon-coming trial. Pray that his lawyers will receive wisdom and insight as they prepare to represent him in court. While standing before the judicial authorities during the trial, may Pastor Wang be given the right words to say (Matthew 10:19); powerful words that will have an eternal impact on the hearts of all who are present in the courtroom, as well as those reviewing the transcripts following the trial.

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