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Raid of house church - Photo: ChinaAid www.chinaaid.org
Raid of Gushi house church summer camp.
Photo: ChinaAid

A church-run summer camp was raided on August 23rd, resulting in the confiscation of personal and church property, as well as the temporary detention of the pastor and his wife. The police and religious bureau officials claim that the church in Gushi was organizing religious events without authorization. According to one church leader, Wang Guangming, the students were learning music theory when the raid occurred.

Officials affirmed that they were acting upon a report from citizens. Earlier in August, the administration of Gushi issued an official notice encouraging citizens to report any non-approved religious events, offering incentives of $100 CAD. Further details on the persecution of Christians in China can be reviewed at our country report.

Please remember the ministry of Christian camps and churches throughout China, asking God to bless these endeavours to spread the Gospel and encourage people to gather for worship despite the government's organized campaign against them. Pray that the hostility of their opposers will dissipate, allowing these Christians to resume worship in safety and peace. May the country's church leaders be granted the wisdom and strength they need to effectively lead their people -- ultimately yielding a vast spiritual harvest for the glory of our Lord.