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Classroom - Photo: Shutterstock-hxdbzxy
Photo: Shutterstock / hxdbzxy

Authorities in Wenzhou City have recently mandated that all teachers must sign a "Public Pledge Form." The document forbids educators from professing any religious beliefs and also demands that they agree not to engage in any practice or propagation of religion. Along with these enforced requirements, they must also support Marxist socialist principles.

While these conditions do not reflect any change in policy, this mandate is only one of the many ways governing officials are increasing their opposition towards Christians in Zhejiang Province. Other policies have included the large-scale cross removal campaign from buildings and properties, banning minors from attending churches, and expelling Christian teachers from schools. For more information on the heightened challenges facing Christians in China, and to review previous reports, go to our country report.

Please pray that despite the implementation of this unconstitutional document, the youth in China will be given opportunities to hear the message of Christ in their homes and communities -- enabling them the privilege of experiencing a personal and meaningful relationship with their Creator God. Remember the Christian teachers who are trying to cope with the present demands and the prospect of losing their employment positions because of their faith. Ask our Lord to encourage these educators and their families, providing for their every need during this time of instability and uncertainty.