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Funeral memorobilia before and after Christian symbols removed.
Before and after the Christian symbols were removed.
Photo: ChinaAid

In Guiyang City, a Christian memorial service was being prepared at a local funeral home when government officials raided the venue. Any item of a religious nature was removed, and officials demanded that there be no prayer, singing of hymns, or reading of Scripture at the service. When the memorial was held the next day, officers monitored the entrance of the building, prohibiting anyone from bringing musical instruments into the venue and threatening those who attempted to do so.

The persecution of Christians has been intense in Guiyang. Authorities have raided many worship services, as well as the homes of pastors, and arrested other Christians merely for professing their faith in Jesus. However, this is the first known case where government officials have raided a memorial service facility. For more details on various incidents of persecution in China, go to our country report.

Continue to pray for the Christians of Guiyang, as well as those who live in other parts of China, as they face increasing pressure to deny Christ and pledge allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party. Praise God that, despite the grief of losing a loved one, the believers attending this recent memorial service have hope in the assurance of eternal life, a provision made available to all who respond to the sacrificial love of our Risen Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 4:13).