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bible2Two Christians from Tiaret, who were detained on March 16th for transporting Bibles, now face potential legal charges. A 33-year-old pastor and a member of his church were stopped by police and arrested for carrying nearly 25 copies of the Gospel, as well as other Christian books. The two were interrogated for several hours before a police report was filed and sent to the general prosecutor for further processing.

While official charges haven't yet been filed, it's possible that the pastor and his assistant will be accused of proselytizing and transporting Christian materials without permission. According to a 2006 decree, jail sentences and large fines are to be applied to anyone who distributes Christian literature and/or audio-visual materials to Muslims. In the interim, the two were later released and their books returned.

Please remember these two Christians in your petitions before our Most Supreme Judge, asking Him to grant them His perfect peace as they await word regarding any possible charges. Please also lift up in prayer other believers of this predominantly Muslim country who are facing opposition because of their faith. Considering the risks, may they prayerfully seek God's divine appointments, leading, wisdom and protection while witnessing to others of His Son Jesus.

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