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Bishoy Armia Boulous
Photo: Morning Star News

Bishoy Armia Boulous (previously known as Mohammed Hegazy) was recently released from detention only to be re-arrested on charges of "defaming Islam." The 31-year-old convert to Christianity was released on bail after appealing his June 18th conviction of "inciting sectarian violence," having been caught by authorities with a camera and several flash drives in Minya, Upper Egypt. Authorities claimed he was contributing to a "false image" that there is persecution in Minya, even though believers there have suffered numerous and well-documented public kidnappings, assaults and destruction of property. (For more information on these charges, please visit this page.)

However, despite the encouraging news that he was released on bail, Bishoy was re-arrested on July 21st on charges filed five years ago in 2009. According to one of Bishoy's lawyers, the unexpected charges include defaming a revealed religion, perverting a holy book or ridiculing a religious celebration, and two counts of inciting public sedition. "It's very obvious (that) because he's a convert, they wanted to keep him in prison," the lawyer explains. The legal representative further notes that despite his client's re-arrest, "(Bishoy's) faith is getting stronger."

Bishoy has faced severe persecution since 2007, the year in which he filed a legal suit to change the religious identity on his ID card from Muslim to Christian. To learn more about the opposition he and his wife -- and their children -- have endured, you can watch a 2009 video interview with him on this page.

Please pray for Bishoy as he now faces these new charges. May he and his family rest in the sure knowledge that the Lord is walking closely alongside them through this valley (Psalm 23:4). Pray that the charges filed against him will soon be dropped and that Bishoy will be free to return to his loved ones. Ask God to grant wisdom to the legal team, as well as compassion to all of the authorities involved as they proceed with this case. Throughout the legal process, may Bishoy's testimony be used in a mighty way, leading many others in Egypt into a genuine and lasting relationship with our Lord Jesus.