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Prison tower

Recently, we had reported that 31 Christian prisoners were unexpectedly freed from custody (read more). With thanksgiving, we are now pleased to announce the exciting news that more Christians have been conditionally released, bringing the total to 69! While many of these prisoners have spent years behind bars, none of them ever faced trial.

The release of these prisoners understandably brings great joy to their family members and friends. Yet, when Eritrean Christians took to the streets in praise and celebration, five women were arrested on the spot. All of the apprehended women were mothers.

While some people within the country have suggested that the recent releases took place due to the pandemic, Dr. Berhane Asmelash, Director of Release Eritrea, is skeptical. Given these new arrests, he believes it's premature at this stage to expect a drastic change of policy within the Eritrean government. Dr. Asmelash estimates that approximately 300 Christian prisoners are still being held without charge in Eritrea.

After the initial releases took place last month, VOMC's Greg Musselman was able to interview Dr. Asmelash. To view this informative interview, click here.

Praise the Lord with us over the wonderful news that these faithful servants of God have finally been freed from captivity. Continue to prayerfully uphold them, as well as their families, as they adjust to life after so many years of imprisonment. Also intercede for the women who were recently arrested, asking God to grant them grace and strength as they await His divine intervention. May their families -- especially the children -- also experience the Lord's abiding peace and comfort, knowing they can place their hope in Him.