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As approximately thirty children were gathered in a home in Curug, Indonesia in Sunday, November 27 to study the Bible, a mob of Islamic militants descended upon the home and caused the children to scatter in panic. According to VOMC sources in Indonesia, the militants destroyed guitars, a keyboard, an organ and a fan as well as several desks and chairs. They forced the teachers and children out of the house and then "sealed" it with posters denouncing the Sunday school. One of the teachers, Anton Neta, said that the Sunday school had agreed several months ago, under threat, to stop meeting in the home on January 1, 2006. They have been meeting there since 1992.

Uphold these children in your prayers. Ask the Lord to surround them with the quietness of heart that overcomes the fear they experienced during the attack. Pray that the leaders of the Sunday school will have clear direction from the Holy Spirit to know where they should meet next. Pray that what was lost through vandalism will be replaced and that the Sunday school will continue to reach young souls for Christ.

The Voice of the Martyrs has released a video report on the persecution of Christians in Indonesia entitled "Island Jihad." To view this video, go to https://www.vomcanada.com. For more information on persecution in Indonesia, click here.

Country Information


275,122,131 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Javanese (40.1), Sundanese (15.5), Malay (3.7), Balak (3.6), Madurese (3), Betawi (2.9), Minangkabau (2.7), Buginese (2.7), Bantenese (2), Other (23.8)

Religion (%)
Muslim (87.2), Christian (9.9), Hindu (1.7), Other (0.9), Unspecified (0.4)

President Joko Widodo (2014)

Government type
Presidential republic

Legal system
Civil law system based on the Roman-Dutch model and influenced by customary law

Sources: CIA World Factbook.

Pray for Indonesia

Pray for the continued growth of the church in Indonesia, despite the intense opposition and persecution that has taken place. May the destructive plans of the enemy to eradicate Christianity be frustrated and nullified.

Pray that whatever is intended for evil, God will turn around for good -- causing such hatred and violence to not only discredit extremism, but to also compel many to seek salvation in Christ... including the perpetrators of persecution.


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