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Pastor Vanamali Parishudham
Photo from Compass Direct

Pastor Vanamali Parishudham (35) was brutally assaulted by Hindu militants in Yellareddygudam village in Andhra Pradesh on September 20, according to a September 28 report from Compass Direct. The militants attacked the pastor while he walking home from a Sunday worship service, battering him with sharp-edged metal rods. He was left for dead in the middle of the road, unconscious and bleeding profusely from his head. He was later taken to a local hospital where he received six stitches. At last report, he was undergoing head scans to detect any internal injuries. Commenting on the incident, Pastor Parishudham said: "I am scared and fear facing more attacks in the future, but I will continue to preach and go to the prayer house."

Pray for healing for Pastor Parishudham. Pray that he will grow in Christlikeness as he suffers for his faith (James 1:2-4). Pray that the faithfulness of Indian Christians will be a light that draws others to Christ.

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