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Before and after destruction
Photos from Gospel for Asia
Believers in an Indian village were working hard to construct a church building, only to have their hopes -- and their building -- dashed by anti-Christian militants. Pastor Paul Joseph and his congregation had completed much of the building when anti-Christian militants arrived September 14. That afternoon, the intruders demolished half the building. Pastor Paul and other church leaders approached the police, but they refused to help. On the following day, the militants pressured those living in the area to sign a petition against the church construction. Ignoring the believers' pleas to stop the destruction, they insisted, "We don't want any church in this area." They then reduced the rest of the building to a heap of rubble. Although the congregation had received government permission to build the church building, the militants accused the church members of not having the proper permission to build. (Source: Gospel for Asia)

Please pray for Pastor Paul and his congregation, that the Lord will help them to overcome this disappointment. Pray they will continue to meet together and that their witness will be a light to the community. Pray for the Lord's protection and provision.

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