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Reconversion ceremony - Photo: Morning Star News www.morningstarnews.org
A forced reconversion ceremony.
Photo: Morning Star News

Christians who had been worshipping privately in their homes were dragged before local village leaders and forced to participate in a "reconversion" rite on June 14th. The action follows a pronouncement two days earlier that 12 Christian families in Mahuatoli would be banished if they did not return to the tribal Sarna religion. As a result of the threats, most have fled the village.

According to an area pastor, threats are common in the Gumla District of Jharkhand, where Hindu militants have joined together with tribalists to revolt against the growth of Christianity. In this instance, a mob of 20 villagers broke into the home of Jogiya Munda, forcing him and his widowed mother to bow before an idol. Buckets of water were poured on them to symbolize the purification rite.

The two victimized Christians have since fled the village after receiving threats on their lives if they were again found to be praying. However, the members of two other families, who were also forced against their wills to undergo the ritual, have decided to remain in the village.

On June 17th, the Christian families went to the police in Bharno to file a complaint, but officers refused to file the case. The officials instead told them to arrange a compromise. They then filed their complaint online. However, officials at the Bharno police station claim they were never approached. The officer in charge states, "There are no religious issues in Mahuatoli village and everyone is living in peace." For more details on some of the persecution issues facing Christians in India, go to our country report.

Pray that those who've been forced to flee the village will find homes and jobs in a community where they can live in harmony and peace. Remember the members of the two remaining Christian families who, for undisclosed reasons, are staying behind. In addition to receiving God's protection, may these remaining families also have the faith and courage to stand for Christ despite the threats. Intercede for the official in charge and his officers who failed to respond appropriately to the believers' complaints, praying that they will take their policing responsibilities seriously by properly defending villagers whose lives are in danger.

Current Ministry Projects

In addition to providing persecuted Christians legal support and rehabilitation assistance, VOMC cares for children of martyrs by ensuring they have a safe home in which to be nurtured both physically and spiritually. VOMC also partners to equip Christians in India with Biblical training and offers specialized ministry to further strengthen and support marginalized, persecuted Christian women.

Project Funds: Families of Martyrs, Equipping the Saints, Legal Defence, Relief and Development, Women’s Ministry

Country Information


1,339,330,514 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Indo-Aryan (72), Dravidian (25), Mongoloid and other (3)

Religion (%)
Hinduism (79.8), Muslim (14.2), Christianity (2.3), Sikh (1.7), other (2)

President Ram Nath Kovind (2017)

Government type
Federal parliamentary republic

Legal system
Based on English common law; separate personal law codes apply to Christians, Hindus and Muslims.

Source: CIA World Factbook

Pray for India

Despite the intimidation and violence that have taken place in many of India's states, may Christians wisely yet unashamedly preach the Gospel. Pray that indigenous Christians and foreign missionaries will minister in ways that do not hint at fraudulent conversions, unmasking the intentions behind the anti-conversion legislation. Intercede for India's leaders, that they may reign with justice and righteousness.


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