Children Beaten and Threatened


Children in India
Pray for the safety of Christians in India.

Christians in the village of Malasamudra, Karnataka were gathered for worship in the early morning of January 19th when 20 Hindu militants from the village came up the steps and began taking photos and videos. Those gathering attempted to stop the intruders from taking pictures of the children but were pushed away. The militants then began to beat the children while restraining the adults. The mob finally left but only after issuing a warning: "If we hear that you stepped out of your homes and told anybody about this, we will set your homes on fire and burn you alive."

In fear, the Christians remained in their homes that day. In the evening, police arrived at the home where the believers had gathered, stating that a complaint had been filed against them. The Hindu villagers claimed they were attacked by the Christians. Under pressure from the village leadership, the police said they had to arrest the Christians to appease the mob. It was only after several hours that the leaders of the mob admitted to instigating the attack. As a compromise, no charges were laid against either side. To read about other incidents of persecution against Christians in India, go to the country report.

Prayerfully uphold these believers as they continue to gather for worship despite the threats of opposing villagers. Pray for the emotional well-being of the children who were affected by this act of violence, and for their families' safety. May India's governing authorities honour those who are dedicated to Christ by acting justly on their behalf and not succumbing to pressure, realizing that all crimes of hate are contrary to the country's constitution and, therefore, should not be tolerated.

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