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Pastor Matthias Haghnejad
Photo: Present Truth Ministries

Three Christian converts -- Mohammad Roghangir, Suroush Saraie and Pastor Matthias Haghnejad -- were arrested on the morning of July 5th by security forces. The believers were seized while at Pastor Matthias's home in Bandar-e Anzali. Agents also confiscated Bibles and other possessions from the pastor's residence. Pastor Matthias has been targeted regularly by the Iranian regime and imprisoned on several other occasions. (To learn more about the trials this pastor has endured, click here.)

Mohammad Roghangir and Suroush Saraie were part of a group of seven Christians who were initially arrested in October of 2012 when security forces raided a prayer meeting. The group was sentenced the following July after being found guilty of "action against the national security" and "propaganda against the order of the system." Mohammad was sentenced to six years' imprisonment, while Suroush received two and a half years. They remained at liberty, pending an appeal, which was subsequently rejected. It is thought the recent arrests of Mohammad and Suroush are related to these previous sentences; although at last report, this was yet to be confirmed as details of their whereabouts remained unclear. (For more information on these charges, please visit our previous report.)

Please pray for Mohammad, Suroush and Pastor Matthias, asking God to grant them His favour and peace. Pray that they will soon be released from detention, while also thanking the Lord for equipping them with devotion and perseverance to follow Him despite the great personal cost. May their loved ones rest in the sure knowledge that God cares very deeply for these apprehended believers. Please also remember in prayer the many other imprisoned Christians in Iran, asking that they will each sense God's assuring presence in a very real and tangible way.