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Rajai Shahr Prison (also known
as Gohardasht Prison)
where Rasoul was held.
(Flickr / Ensle & Matthias)

Rasoul Abdollahi, a Christian man who was imprisoned in December of 2010 and handed a three-year sentence, was released on February 15th! However, strict conditions have been imposed with his release which prohibit him from participating in any Christian activities. Violation of these conditions could result in his re-arrest.

Rasoul was arrested along with Farshid Fathi and numerous other believers, and then later charged with "collusion against the government" and "evangelism." While many of those arrested in 2010 have since been released, Farshid, who remains imprisoned, recently had his six-year prison term increased by one year. (For more information on Rasoul's arrest, you can read our previous prayer alert.)

Praise God for the encouraging news of Rasoul's release! As the freed prisoner now recuperates from his time behind bars, pray that the Lord will grant him full restoration. Despite the conditions now forbidding him from participating in Christian activities, pray that there will be a way made for him to fellowship with other believers. Please also remember in prayer Farshid Fathi and the many other Iranian Christians who remain imprisoned because of their faith in our Risen Lord.

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