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Ismaeil Maghrebinejad
Ismaeil Maghrebinejad
Photo: Middle East Concern

Christians in Iran face constant danger when living out their faith. This is particularly true for those who convert from Islam. For many, faith in Christ leads to torture and imprisonment. More information, including various reports, can be reviewed at our country report.

Ismaeil Maghrebinejad, 65, was taken into custody on January 25th of this year on charges of propaganda against the state (note previous report). In a hearing on October 22nd, charges of apostasy were added by the judge, even though Ismaeil had been a Christian for nearly 40 years. The next court hearing is expected in two months' time.

On October 31st, it was reported that Ebrahim Firouzi had been released from prison and would be facing two years of exile after a temporary leave (see this report). Ebrahim has now been sent to Sarbaz, a city that is located hundreds of kilometres south of his home and nears the border with Pakistan. Ebrahim was scheduled to arrive on November 12th to the city, where he will be learning of the conditions and restrictions enforced on him for the next two years.

Five other Iranian Christians were scheduled to have their appeals heard on November 13th. For some of them, a previously appointed hearing scheduled for September 3rd was postponed when the judge failed to appear. All five of these believers are facing sentences between five and fifteen years for "acting against national security."

As we await the results of the November 13th hearing, please pray that all five of the believers involved in this most recent case will experience God's peace and grace regardless of the outcome. Pray that the Lord will also minister in wonderful ways to Ismaeil, who is facing another court hearing in the future, and Ebrahim as he begins his lengthy separation from family and friends. While settling in his new location, may Ebrahim be divinely connected to other committed believers so he can partake of Christian fellowship and receive opportunities to share the love of Christ with those in the community who are spiritually seeking.