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Pastor Victor bet Tamraz and his wife - Photo: Farsi Christian News Network
Pastor Victor Bet Tamraz and his
wife, Shamiram Isavi Khabizeh
Photo: Farsi Christian News Network

The appeal hearing for Pastor Victor Bet Tamraz and his wife, along with three other Christians, had been scheduled for June 1st but was cancelled with no new court date set. No reason was given for the delay, and the lawyers involved with this case were not allowed to approach the judge. Pastor Victor and the others each face sentences of at least ten years in prison. (Review the previously posted report.)

As they patiently await the next scheduled court date for their appeal hearing, may these imprisoned believers -- and many others who are serving time for their faith in Christ -- have an increased awareness of God's abiding presence with them in their prison cells. Pray that they will be able to seize every opportunity they are given to share the Gospel with other prisoners, as well as prison workers, while anticipating their eventual release from captivity.