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Almost 48,000 Korean New Testaments
have been launched via balloons.

In the late hours of October 23rd, the staff of a VOM partner organization gathered to launch Bibles into North Korea via balloons. The launch party prepared packages containing lightweight Korean New Testaments, attached them to hydrogen-filled balloons, and released a total of 3,600 into the air. After the overnight launch, the group was just 675 short of their goal of sending 48,000 into a country where the Bible is forbidden.

The only acceptable religion in North Korea is Juche, or "Kim Il-Sung-ism," the cult of the deceased leader. All other religions are harshly repressed. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have died because of severe persecution, and up to 35,000 are currently facing deplorable conditions in the country's prisons or work camps. The exact number of Christians is unknown, though estimated by most reliable sources to be around 100,000.

Pray that the Scriptures launched into North Korea will fall on "good soil" and yield a fruitful harvest (Luke 8:8). Ask God to richly bless those sharing the Gospel in North Korea with endurance and wisdom. May those suffering unspeakable hardships in the prison camps remain steadfast in their faith, trusting that the Lord is working out His greater plans (Romans 8:28).

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