Bible Launches Met with Resistance


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Foleys and police - Photo: Voice of the Martyrs Korea
Photo: Voice of the Martyrs Korea

For several years, The Voice of the Martyrs Korea has helped get Bibles into North Korea. Typically, this was done through the launch of large balloons, which would strategically drop the contained materials across the border. Recently, members of the ministry team have also begun using bottles filled with rice, vitamins and small Bibles to bless those residing in North Korea. These bottles were systematically sent while the timing of the tide was just right so they would float along the western coast to their intended destination.

VOM Korea is not the only organization sending materials across the border. Some others have been sending materials which are very critical of the North Korean government. Officials who have taken note of these items vehemently oppose all efforts to influence the minds and hearts of their people.

In 2018, an agreement was reached between North and South Korea to reduce military tensions. However, on June 4th, Kim Yo Jung, the sister of leader Kim Jong Un, issued a warning. She stated that unless the South Korean government stops this "evil propaganda" from being sent via balloons, North Korean officials will cancel the agreement. In response, the South Korean government has taken immediate action to appease them and thus avoid any tensions.

When a team of VOM Korea workers set out to launch the latest 500 rice bottles on June 5th, two dozen police officers, plain clothes officials and local residents blocked the road, preventing the workers from getting to the sea. Three days later, the ministry received a letter from the Department of Ocean and Fisheries directing them to cease and desist from any rice bottle launches or they will face charges.

Despite the opposition, Pastor Eric Foley, CEO for VOM Korea, recognizes how divinely appointed opportunities are being presented in every situation that arises. All previous attempts to obstruct their past humanitarian efforts have made it possible for the members of his mission team to demonstrate the love and grace of God. "Over the years," he explains, "we've done probably as much witnessing to South Korean police as we have to the North Korean people."

Pray that the hearts of the South Korean police officers will be open to receive the Gospel message. May God continue the good work that He has already begun in the lives of the many North Koreans who have received previously launched Bibles. While praising Him for the wonderful opportunities to share this "Good News" in the past, pray that He will present even more creative and effective ways to do so in the future. Please remember to intercede for Kim Jong Un, his sister Kim Yo Jung, and other North Korean leaders, asking God to soften each of their hearts so they too will be receptive to the life-transformative message of His tremendous love for them.

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