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A North Korean reads
a Scripture balloon.

Please join us in praying that the Scripture balloons of an upcoming launch will successfully make their way into North Korea, so many of the country's men, women and youth will be given the opportunity to be reached by the God-inspired Word these hydrogen vessels contain. As the balloons gradually make their way along the journey, ask the Lord to prepare the soil of the recipients' hearts so they will be receptive to the message of the Gospel that's being sown, eventually bearing much good fruit in their lives.

After the balloons are launched, the time it takes for them to finally reach altitudes high enough in which to burst and thus distribute the Scriptures can vary considerably. GPS units are used by VOM's ministry partners to help determine the best areas for future launches and to track where the balloons have landed.

In a recent launch, three of the four units made it to shore in China. Considering that about 40 percent of northeastern China's population is Korean, it is hoped that the balloons will greatly impact all those who receive them there. To learn more about the ministry's innovative balloon launches, there is an interesting video clip available on VOM Canada's website.

Let's thank God for inspiring those of our ministry team with this unique way to share the Gospel effectively among the citizens of what is considered the world's most restricted nation. Pray that the purposes for which these balloons are sent will accomplish much for the Kingdom of Heaven while, at the same time, bring glory to our wonderful Lord here on earth (Isaiah 55:11). May the church of North Korea thrive and be further strengthened despite any human attempts to restrict it.