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Pastors are facing pressure, fines, and arrests in Kazakhstan, according to a June 9 report from Forum18.

On June 8, Pastor Vasily Kliver was sentenced to five days in prison for "failure to carry out court decisions" after he refused to pay a fine for leading an unregistered congregation in the city of Aktobe. Prior to his sentencing, court officials searched Pastor Kliver's home for valuables to confiscate as payment for the fine. At last report, Pastor Kliver's wife, Maria, did not know where her husband was being detained. He is due for release on June 13.

Pastor Maksim Tashenov was fined on June 9 for participating in religious activity in a different region from where his own church in the city of Aktau is registered. Pastor Tashenov was visiting a church in the southern Kyzylorda Region in March when officials barged in, brought him to a police station and held him for several hours. He has been fined 12,000 Kazakh tenge (approximately $90 CAD) and his church has been banned for three months.

Pray that pastors in Kazakhstan facing difficulty will have grace, wisdom and endurance (1 Peter 5:10). Ask God to provide for the families of pastors who are fined or imprisoned for their Christian witness.

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