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Damages from the attack
Photo: World Watch Monitor

More than 150 people were killed recently in separate attacks on predominantly Christian villages. Late at night on March 14th, suspected Fulani militants armed with guns and machetes raided three villages -- Ugwar Sankwai, Ungwan Gata and Chenshyi -- in Kaduna state, killing at least 114 people. Many of the victims were burned alive. The casualties included a pastor's wife and her three children.

Two days later, militants suspected to be part of the group Boko Haram killed two people in Pela Birni village of Borno state. Two churches and many homes were also set on fire. "The gunmen invaded our village at about 10 o'clock in the evening on Sunday. They started shouting 'God is Great.' In some houses, they did not shoot at the residents but ordered them to vacate their houses and set them ablaze."

Pray that God will comfort and heal all those who are injured, traumatized or grieving as a result of this senseless violence. Ask Him to bring an end to these murderous attacks in Nigeria, and pray that those in authority will do more to stand against this injustice. Lift up both the Fulani and Boko Haram militants to our Lord, asking Him to work powerfully in their hearts that they may repent and follow Him.

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