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Photos from Compass Direct
Thirteen Christians were killed on March 17 when Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked two Christian villages in Plateau state, Nigeria. The attacks were presumably sparked by a dispute over property. The assailants, some of whom were dressed in military uniforms, attacked Byei and Baten villages at approximately 1:00 a.m. Among those killed were children and two pregnant women. One woman and her son had their tongues cut out, while another woman and her two young children were burned alive in their home. Several other believers have been hospitalized for gunshot or machete wounds. Twenty homes were also burned down in the villages. This latest attack comes less than two weeks after a massive assault, also in Plateau state, in which approximately 500 people were killed (click here for more information). (Sources: Compass Direct, Christian Solidarity Worldwide)

Ask the Lord to supply the loved ones of those killed with comfort and grace as they mourn. Pray for healing for those with injuries. Pray that God will fill Nigerian believers' hearts with peace beyond comprehension in the midst of terrible violence.

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