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Pray for the many victimized Christians of

Nigeria, including their children.

Photo: Flickr / Seattle Globalist

On June 1st, over 100 Muslim militants stormed the predominantly Christian village of Attagara in Borno State's Gwoza Local Government Area. Chanting "Allah Akbar," the assailants opened fire, killing over 25 and injuring more than 50 others. Although believers sought help from military personnel at a checkpoint just a few kilometres away, the military refused to intervene. In an attempt to protect the community, and especially the children, many Christian youths decided to try ousting the militants with weapons of their own. Despite church leaders urging them not to pursue violence, the youths nonetheless killed several of the militants.

Two days later, other militants of the group returned to the village in the early morning. Dressed in army uniforms, they told the Christians to gather at a church building in order to brief them on security challenges. Approximately 45 unsuspecting believers went to the church where they were all brutally shot and killed. Meanwhile, hundreds of other assailants joined the assault, shooting at any Christians they saw, including pregnant women and young children. Other surrounding villages were also attacked, with assailants murdering believers and burning down buildings. According to sources, local Muslims in the villages celebrated the attack and looted the homes of the victimized believers.

In the midst of the overwhelming sorrow and pain experienced by the Christians of these attacked villages, pray that those who are mourning will be still and know that our Lord is God and sovereign over all (Psalm 46:10). May this assuring knowledge give them comfort and allow them to rest in His love and peace. Ask God to touch the bodies and minds of those who were injured and traumatized, giving each of them a full recovery. Please also pray that the Christians of these communities, and throughout the country, will not resort to violence and further bloodshed, but will rather entrust true justice to Jesus Christ. May their demonstrations of Christ-like trust, forgiveness and love cause many militants to turn from violence and instead embrace Jesus as Lord.