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A pastor's daughter has recently died, several people were injured, and a church building was completely torched during a vicious attack on a village in the Rogo Local Government Area of Kano State during the evening of April 1st.

The daughter of Reverend Habila Garba suffocated to death following an arson attack on her home in Gidan Maso Village. Local Muslim youth had set fire to the house after failing to locate Yahaya Joshua, a Christian man who had briefly converted to Islam before returning to Christianity.

The mob of militants had originally planned to kill Yahaya. Yet when they couldn't find him, they lit cornstalks inside the church and burned the building to the ground, ignoring the pleas of local believers. They then went on to attack the pastor's residence nearby. During the attack, the mob also physically assaulted local Christians with machetes, resulting in several injuries. Two of the victims, in particular, have sustained broken arms.

As this ministering family now grieves the tragic loss of their precious loved one, pray that they will be greatly comforted in God's reassuring promises of eternal life through Christ's death and resurrection. Also pray for the full recovery of those who were injured in the assault. Ask that lasting peace will reign over this victimized community, halting any further plans of attack. Additionally, may the peaceful witness of the believers be used mightily to encourage many others to discover the truth about Jesus and, subsequently, turn to faith in Him.

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