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A Nigerian village
Photo: Flickr/Melvin "Buddy" Baker (cc)

A survivor hidden in a tree couldn't escape the trauma he witnessed as heavily armed Boko Haram terrorists firebombed huts during their ruthless evening attack on Dalori village in northeastern Nigeria. Nor can he forget the screams of the other villagers -- including children -- who were among the many victims traumatized, wounded or killed by the January 30th attack.

According to survivors and soldiers at the scene, scores of charred bodies with bullet wounds littered the streets of the village and a nearby camp housing more than 20,000 refugees. Officials now report that the number of fatalities has reached 86, with more than a hundred injured. The agenda of Nigeria's homegrown Islamic militant group includes enforcing a stricter adherence of Sharia law and ridding northern Nigeria of Christianity.

An additional incident which took place at a nearby unprotected village, caused by the explosions of three suicide bombers, has only heightened concerns for residents of northern Nigeria's frequently targeted Christian communities. To learn more about the atrocities experienced by the followers of Christ in northern Nigeria, go to the Nigeria Country Report.

Please join us in praying for our traumatized Christian brothers and sisters in Nigeria who have experienced such tremendous pain and loss as a result of Boko Haram's vicious attacks against their communities. May these believers strongly sense God's comforting presence as they recover from the trauma, viewing these horrific evil assaults in light of eternity. Ask the Lord to ignite their hearts with great hope and faith as they look to Him in their time of dire need. While interceding for the perpetrators of these crimes, pray that their eyes be opened to the truth of the Gospel and their hearts receptive to the transformative work of the Holy Spirit.