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A congregation in Nigeria leaving a church building - Photo: World Watch Monitor
Believers gather for worship despite the constant dangers they face.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

At least one worshipper was killed and 60 kidnapped after gunmen raided the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Kakau Daji village, Kaduna, on October 31st. The church members had gathered for worship when the attackers suddenly entered the building and opened fire. An uncertain number of Christians were also injured in the attack. Upon fleeing the building, dozens were taken captive by the assailants.

Speaking of the attack, Rev. Joseph Hayab, the chairman of the Kaduna chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, referred to this latest incident as "another sad story" in which no one knows who the next target will be. While lamenting the rise of violent attacks in the nation, he remarked, "Citizens are being killed like chickens with only press statements as consolation."

Many Nigerians have called on the government to declare those responsible for the recurrent attacks across the country as "terrorists." However, government leaders have rejected this appeal, arguing that there is a need to follow due process. Such inaction has led to calls for the authorities to "separate war against enemies of Nigerians from politics." For more reports addressing the suffering of Christians in Nigeria, go to our country report.

Please pray that God will greatly comfort our Nigerian brothers and sisters in Christ who are mourning the loss of their dear loved one due to this recent attack, heal and strengthen those who have been injured, and provide protection and courage to those who were kidnapped. May Nigeria's governing leaders and security forces take proactive steps against the ongoing crisis, bringing an end to the violence that's plaguing the country. In the meantime, prayerfully uphold all Christians throughout the nation, asking the Lord to use them as instruments of His love and peace as they seek to spread the light of Christ amid the darkness of terrorism.