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Rubina Bibi with her son
Photo from Compass Direct
Rubina Bibi (25), a Pakistani Christian woman who has been imprisoned since March for blasphemy (click here for more information), was recently acquitted. Rubina was accused of blasphemy by a local Muslim shopkeeper following a dispute they had over a food product she had purchased and tried to return. Rubina was arrested and imprisoned in the Gujranwala jail along with her 18-month-old son, Joshua. On August 11, a judge dropped the charges against her and she was released. Had she been convicted, she would have faced the mandatory death penalty. Her accuser had reportedly offered to settle the matter out of court if she agreed to convert to Islam. Rubina, her husband and their three children have since relocated to an unknown location for their safety. (Source: Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement)

Thank the Lord that Rubina has been acquitted! Pray that her family will continue to trust the Lord in all things. Pray that persecutors in Pakistan will know Christ's love, forgiveness and blessing through the lives of Christians (Romans 12:14, 21).

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