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The Makran coastal highway - Photo: Wikipedia / Furqanlw www.wikipedia.org
The Makran coastal highway in Balochistan province.
Photo: Wikipedia / Furqanlw (cc)

A Christian pastor, his wife, and college-aged daughter are thankful to be unharmed after they were attacked by a mob of 34 men. A police officer happened to be passing by at the time and rescued the family. Although they escaped with only minor injuries, they are now left homeless, as the attackers seized their property.

This is not the first time that Pastor Aziz has been targeted because of his faith. Several years ago, his five-year-old son was kidnapped by relatives who were opposed to their ministry. They have not seen their son in more than fifteen years.

Pastor Aziz is from a Muslim background and has been actively involved in church planting within Pakistan's Balochistan province, near the Iranian border. Despite their recent loss of home, the family is determined to continue their ministry. For more information on the persecution facing Christians in Pakistan, go to our country report.

While we praise God for the intervention of the unexpected rescuer who was able to assist in time during the recent attack, pray for Pastor Aziz and his family as they overcome the pain and loss, and the abduction and resulting estrangement of their son in previous years. As was the case of Moses who was raised in the household of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh (Exodus 2:1-10), may the Lord keep His hand of protection and spiritual blessing on this child -- bringing about a miraculous reunion. Also pray for the provision of a safe home for the family, and for their continued strength and boldness to endure in ministry, despite the opposition.