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Nadeem Joseph in hospital - Photo: Screenshot - YouTube / Daimjee TV
Nadeem Joseph recovering in the hospital.
Photo: Screenshot - YouTube / Daimjee TV

Two members of a Christian family were shot and wounded after buying a house in a Muslim neighbourhood. Nadeem Joseph purchased a house in Peshawar's TV Colony and moved in with his family in late May. However, when a neighbour named Salman Khan found out they were Christians, he told them they must leave immediately, claiming Christians are enemies of Islam.

For days, Salman Khan continually threatened the family. Finally, on June 4th, he arrived at their home with his sons and gave the Joseph family 24 hours to leave. Noticing that Salman and his sons had assault rifles, Nadeem tried to call the police but was shot twice in the stomach before he could do so. The perpetrators then turned their guns on the other family members, wounding Nadeem's mother-in-law in the shoulder.

None of the neighbours intervened to help the Christians. The family managed to call an ambulance and both Nadeem and his mother-in-law are now recovering in hospital. A police report has been filed. There is evidence that the Khan family were also involved in the cocaine trade and several members of the offending family have now been arrested in connection with this attack. At last report, Salman Khan had fled the colony and is being sought by police.

Religious intolerance and discrimination in Pakistan are widespread. This discrimination often dictates the jobs Christians are permitted to have, the education they receive, and even the neighbourhoods in which they can live. To receive further information on persecution in Pakistan, and to review previously posted reports, go to our country report.

Pray for a full recovery on behalf of Nadeem and his mother-in-law. May all those responsible for the attack be brought to justice. Also pray that the injustices of Pakistan's societal prejudices will be realized by the perpetrators -- as well as those of the general populace -- so that positive changes can come about throughout the country and thus enable all citizens to have equitable lives. In the meantime, may those following Christ have the grace to consistently demonstrate His nature by extending forgiveness and lovingkindness to their unbelieving neighbours.