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An evangelical church building in the Serbian town of Kraljevo, south of Belgrade was fire-bombed on December 17. The bomb caused damage to the furniture, carpets and the air conditioning system of the rented facility. Pastor Alexander Vitakic told Mission Network News that this was not the first attack on their church. In June, the building was attacked with stones. There are also reports that a Baptist church building in Novi Sad, north-west of Belgrade, was recently vandalized with rocks. Vitakic suspects that recent media reports accusing evangelicals of "destroying Serbian identity" may have incited the attacks.

Pastor Vitakic asks for prayer for the safety and for the future of the church, since their land lady may ask them to leave because of the damage. Pray that believers will continue to boldly and lovingly preach the Gospel (Ephesians 6:18-20). Vitakic said, "Our vision is to reach Central Serbia for Christ and we are committed to that vision."

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