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Hamoud Bin Saleh

Muslim social network users are calling for the arrest and even for the death of a Saudi Arabian Christian convert they say has insulted the Muslim prophet Muhammad via Twitter.

Hamoud Bin Saleh, who has been imprisoned three times in eight years, was first arrested for "attacks against Islam" in 2004 and spent nine months in jail after blogging about his conversion from Islam to Christianity. In 2008, he was again arrested after writing about religious matters and his conversion. He was detained for a month and during that time he was tortured with sleep deprivation, solitary confinement and physical and psychological abuse. His most recent arrest was in 2009. He was released on the condition that he not travel outside the country or appear in the media (for more information on his case, click here).

Please pray that Hamoud's voice for Christ will not be silenced by the authorities or by those who oppose his Christian faith. Please pray that Hamoud will not fear despite his past suffering (1 Peter 3:14).

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