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Man overlooking desert
Pray that Saudi believers will be encouraged
in the fact that they are never alone.

Last month, a report was released about a convert, referred to only as "A," who faced various charges after speaking openly about his Christian faith in Saudi Arabia (for more details on this situation, go to this report). He was charged with trying to convert Muslims to Christianity and for assisting his sister to flee the country because of her faith. He was also accused by an opposing relative of stealing money.

A hearing scheduled for March 26th was delayed until April 22nd. During that recent hearing, a dispute broke out between the judge and the lawyers representing the family member who made the theft allegations. The judge, in an angry tirade, concluded that there was absolutely no evidence against the Christian man, who was thereby acquitted of the theft charges.

However, this believer is still facing the two other charges. Over the past few years, he has endured several prison sentences and flogging for following Christ.

Thank God for confounding the false allegations of this Christian man's accusers during the recent court hearing. Continue to pray that justice will be done, and that this servant of Christ will also be acquitted of the other charges against him. May his steadfastness be a testimony of God's enduring love and faithfulness to all those whom he encounters, including his opposing family members.