Jia Xuewei

  • Persistent Harassment Against Church Deacons
    Ding Shuqi and Jia Xuewei
    Jia Xuewei (right) with his friend, Ding Shuqi
    Photo: ChinaAid

    In 2018, the Early Rain Covenant Church was violently raided by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities, resulting in multiple arrests. Since then, members of the church have continued to face harassment, including a church deacon named Jia Xuewei. Click here for previous reports on Jia's situation.

  • Further Repercussions Follow Church Raid
    Ding Shuqi and Jia Xuewei are standing together.
    Preacher Ding Shuqi and Deacon Jia Xuewei
    Photo: ChinaAid

    Over five years ago, the Early Rain Covenant Church in China was raided, leading to multiple arrests. In the years that have followed, the Chinese Communist Party has made a concerted effort to harass the members of this Christian community in an attempt to completely shut down the church. To read previously published reports on the persecution of these believers, go to our list of reports about the Early Rain Covenant Church.

  • Early Rain Church Faces Violent Raid
    Screenshot of a choir singing
    The choir continues to sing “Near the Cross” during the raid.
    Photo: ChinaAid

    The Early Rain Covenant Church has been a target of Chinese Communist Party officials since the church was raided in December 2018 (read more). The church's lead pastor, Wang Yi, was sentenced to nine years in prison and other members have faced detention and pressure. Despite ongoing intimidation and arrests, the ministry of the church has faithfully continued, though generally online or in small groups.