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Nadia, a recent Christian convert in Tajikistan, is experiencing severe persecution at the hands of her Muslim family members. Nadia converted from Islam to Christianity in 2011 and was then baptized. After her mother found out, she beat Nadia, burned her Bible, and tore her clothing. Nadia tried to run away, but her brothers found her. They shaved her head, gave her a public beating, and then locked her in the house. When she ran away a second time, they unfortunately caught her again.

Nadia called a Voice of the Martyrs contact on June 9th, sobbing, saying that her family had beaten her again, this time for hours, and forced her to say the Muslim statement of faith. The VOM contact has since been unable to reach Nadia by phone as her family most likely had it disconnected. (For other reports on persecution in Tajikistan, check the Tajikistan Country Report.)

Pray for the Lord's protection upon Nadia, asking Him to direct her to a safe place of refuge and provision so she can receive necessary help and healing (2 Corinthians 1:10). May Nadia sense His loving presence with her wherever she goes, encouraging her to remain strong in the Christian faith. Please also intercede for her family members who clearly need to be delivered from spiritual darkness...and brought into the light of God's truth and salvation.