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Pastor Nurliev
Photo from ASSIST News Service
Pastor Nurliev (45), who leads Light to the World Church in Mary, Turkmenistan, was arrested on August 27 on charges of large-scale swindling, which carry a maximum penalty of five years' imprisonment and confiscation of property (click here for more information). His wife, Maya, and other church members continue to insist the allegations are false and that police pressured three people into writing fabricated statements against him. "He is innocent of the accusations against him and I want him back home. All this is being done because of his faith," Maya said. She has been denied access to her husband since his arrest. The last she heard was that he was being held in a small, overcrowded and smoky cell. She is seriously concerned for his health in these conditions, as he suffers from diabetes which could worsen if he does not receive his regular medical treatment. (Source: Forum18)

Pray for strength of health for Pastor Nurliev. Pray that he will be released. Pray that Maya and her family will trust in God's provision and care in this difficult time.

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