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Pastor Noble Samuel
Photo from YouTube

On March 16, Pastor Noble Samuel (48) was brutally attacked by three men while driving to a studio in Wembley, North London where he films an Asian gospel television show. The men pulled out in front of him in a car and asked him directions in Urdu. One of the men then grabbed Pastor Samuel by the hair, forced open the car door and began to slap and punch him and attempted to smash his head against the steering wheel. The attacker ripped the cross from Pastor Samuel's neck while the other two men stole his laptop and his Bible. They threatened to come back and break his legs if he continued his television program. Once the men left, however, Pastor Samuel continued on to his studio and filmed his program as planned. He had reportedly received phone calls in recent weeks from Muslims angered by the views on Islam he expressed on his show.

Pray for healing for Pastor Samuel. Ask God to protect him and his family. Pray that he will be a bold and steadfast witness for Christ as he faces opposition for his faith.

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