Persecution & Prayer Alert

"The prayers of the saints and the fire of God
move the whole course of the world. They are the
most potent, most disturbing, most revolutionary,
most terrifying powers that the world knows."

~ T.F. Torrance

Egypt: Seven Fatalities in Bus Attack

Source(s): Reuters, World Watch Monitor, Tunisie Numerique

Victim of the May 2017 bus attacks, reads her Bible. - Photo: World Watch Monitor
Nadia lost family members and suffered gunshot wounds in the May 2017 bus attack.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Seven people were killed and at least 14 wounded when a bus of Christians was attacked while travelling to a monastery in Minya on November 2nd. Six of those killed were from the same family. The attack happened in almost the identical location as a similar attack in May 2017 which killed 28 Christians (see this report).

Indonesia: Proposed Religious Education Law

Source(s): UCA News, World Watch Monitor

A Sunday School in Indonesia
The proposed law could impose serious restrictions on Bible teaching.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Christian organizations in Indonesia have raised concerns about a new religious education bill that would require government permits before conducting any classes, including Sunday school, catechism or Bible classes. The law, if passed, would require a minimum of 15 participants, along with approval from the government's Religious Affairs Ministry.

Ukraine: Registration Deadline Passes for Luhansk Churches

Source(s): Forum 18

A sillhouette of a cross, a man praying and a church in the background - Photo: Pixabay / Geralt

Since rebels in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine declared independence in 2014, the self-declared government has oppressed religious groups in various ways. As part of their efforts to control the churches, the Luhansk State Security Ministry announced a complete ban on one Baptist denomination for not submitting to compulsory registration. For more information, click here.

Pakistan: Asia Bibi Released But Location Unknown

Source(s): VOMC

pk asiabibi wwm
Asia Bibi
Photo: World Watch Monitor

During the night of November 7th, Pakistani authorities released Asia Bibi from the Multan jail following her acquittal a week before (click here for more information). Under tight security and a media blackout, she boarded a flight to an unknown destination. Initial media reports claim that she had been flown out of Pakistan. However, government officials insist that she is still within the country but at a safe location. Please remain mindful to pray for Asia, her family, and the nation of Pakistan.

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