Persecution & Prayer Alert

"You cannot parcel out
freedom in pieces because
freedom is all or nothing."

~ Tertullian (A.D. 160-220)

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Ruins of Basilica of Justinian
Christianity was once a predominant influence in Libya, as seen in the Basilica of Justinian.
Photo: Wikipedia / Hakeem.gadi

Once an active centre of Christianity during the days of the early church, Libya is now known as an epicentre of persecution that's so extreme, there are few believers today remaining in the country. According to some reports, however, the number of Christ-followers is again starting to grow, despite increasing opposition from governmental leaders and families. For more information, go to our country report.

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Men with their faces covered, holding weapons
Ask God to give believers wisdom and strength in the ongoing struggles they face due to terrorism.

An explosion rocked a market in Isware, Nigeria, on April 19th, killing six people and injuring more than a dozen. In a statement issued the next day, the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) claimed responsibility, stating that the attack was intended to target "a gathering of infidel Christians."

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Nada and Hamouda
Nada and Hamouda
Photo: ADF International

A married Christian couple in Sudan are currently on trial and, if convicted, could face 100 lashes, along with expulsion from the area. Hamouda and Nada were charged with adultery after a court ruled that their marriage was not valid. A hearing on their case is scheduled for May 12th. (For more details leading up to the current trial, see this story.) The Christian couple has been facing increasing pressure and threats, in particular from Nada's brother, who initiated the original charges against them.

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