Persecution & Prayer Alert

"Is the distinction between living for
Christ and dying for Him so great? Is not the
second the logical conclusion of the first?"

~ Elisabeth Elliot

Pakistan: Family Attacked for Building Church Wall

Source(s): World Watch Monitor

Gospel Assemblies Church
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Five members of a Christian family in northeast Pakistan were attacked and injured as they helped to build a wall around their church on Sunday, March 4th. As church members were inside praying, George Masih, 70, was overseeing the construction of the building project which took place in the village of Yousufwala.

Twenty men, armed with clubs and axes, approached and began beating George and others at the site. His two sons, Babar and William, daughter Nasreen, and daughter-in-law Jamila were also injured. The attackers demanded that the construction stop, claiming the land belongs to them. It is believed the perpetrators were linked to a local landlord.

Mexico: Two Missionaries Expelled

Source(s): Mission Network News

A city in Mexico

Two missionaries with Christian Aid Mission went to serve amongst the Triqui people of Oaxaca, Mexico, several years ago. Because the village had restrictions on expressing religious beliefs, the women knew they would need to be accepted by the community before sharing their faith in Christ. Therefore, they set up a bakery and, through this business, had opportunities to build relationships and present the Gospel.

Egypt: Renewed Hope After Beheadings

Source(s): Open Doors USA

Father with a picture of his son who was beheaded
Photo: Open Doors USA

February 15th marked the third anniversary of the public beheading of 21 Christians on the coast of Libya. In the weeks leading up to that fateful day, ISIS captors had reportedly tortured the men who had travelled hundreds of miles to find work in order to support their families. When the men refused to deny Jesus Christ, the militants beheaded them and posted a video of the execution.

In honour of the 20 Egyptians and one Ghanaian who were killed, a new Coptic church was dedicated last month in Upper Egypt --The Church of the Libyan Martyrs. Built in an area that is 70 percent Muslim, opposition to the construction was harsh. Yet the building was completed with the support of the Egyptian government.

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