Persecution & Prayer Alert

"When Christ calls a man,
He bids him come and die."

~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Iran: Christians Detained and Questioned

Source(s): Middle East Concern, Mohabat News

Ismail, Mohammad, Alireza, and Hojjat - Photo: Middle East Concern
Ismail, Mohammad, Alireza, and Hojjat
Photo: Middle East Concern

Four Christian men were detained on April 19th in separate raids throughout Dezful in southwestern Iran. They have been identified as Ismail Narimanpour, Mohammad Ali Torabi, Alireza Vark Shah and Hojjat Lotfi Khalaf.

Laos: Detained Pastor Confirmed Alive and Released

Source(s): Barnabas Fund, Mission Network News


Pastor Sithong - Photo: Radio Free Asia
Pastor Sithong at a wedding in 2018.
Photo: Radio Free Asia

On March 15th, 2020, Pastor Sithong Theppavong was approached by authorities who demanded that he agree to no longer hold worship services at a small church in Savannakhet Province, Laos (see this report). When Pastor Sithong refused, he was arrested without charge. Earlier this spring, those familiar with his situation were concerned that he was no longer alive since there had been no news of his whereabouts. (To read this previously posted report, visit this page.)

Pakistan: Christian Man Tortured Into False Confession

Source(s): Morning Star News

Salamat in a police van; his mother and attorney - Photo: Morning Star News -
Salamat speaking with his
mother and attorney.
Photo: Morning Star News

On February 13th, Haroon Ayub Masih and his friend Salamat Mansha Masih were accused of blasphemy after reading the Bible out loud at a public park in Lahore, Pakistan, and then offering a Christian book to a Muslim man. Haroon and his family escaped into hiding, but Salamat was arrested (read more).

Pakistan: Death Threats Against Released Christian Teen

Source(s): Church in Chains

Nabeel Masih - Photo: Church in Chains
Nabeel Masih
Photo: Church in Chains

On March 1st, Nabeel Masih's lawyer successfully argued that there was no evidence of blasphemy committed by the teenage Christian, resulting in his release from a prison in Pakistan on March 18th (read more). He was then swiftly taken into hiding for his protection from militant crowds demanding his death.