Persecution & Prayer Alert

"Take away from me scorn and contempt,
for I have kept Your testimonies.
Even though princes sit plotting against me,
Your servant will meditate on Your statutes."

~ Psalm 119:22-23 ESV

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A man reading the Bible (Unsplash image)

"Seeds of the Gospel often grow in secret in this part of the world.... Oppression and persecution are lurking around every corner...and everyone is watching. Always. To lead a Bible translation team in this part of the world – coming up against spiritual strongholds that have been in place for centuries – men and women risk everything." This is the way that the Wycliffe Associates ministry describes the Bible translation work that is being done by dedicated servants in Asia. Despite the dangers, these believers are responding to the need for the Gospel message to be spread.

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Alim, his wife, and his children about fifteen years ago.
Alimujiang Yimiti and his family several years ago.
Photos: ChinaAid

After serving 15 years in prison, Alimujiang Yimiti has finally been released. While other details relating to his release are unconfirmed, the house church pastor, also known as Alim, is now home with his family. Ethnically, this faithful Christian leader happens to be of the Uyghur (Turkic) minority group, which is also experiencing severe human rights abuses in China.

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Dr. Samson speaking publicly.
Rev. Dr. Samson
Photo: VOMC Contacts

On December 5th, a prominent Christian leader of the Kachin Baptist Convention, Dr. Hkalam Samson, was arbitrarily arrested at the airport as he was boarding a flight to Bangkok for medical treatment. (For details on Dr. Samson's arrest, go to this page.) In the weeks that followed, his concerned family members were forbidden visitation. They were also not allowed to provide the 65-year-old Christian man any food or medication, raising more concerns about his ongoing health needs.

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Sawan Masih with his family (all faces pixelated except Sawan's)
Sawan Masih and his family.
Photo: Steadfast Global

In 2013, Sawan Masih was arrested after his neighbour accused him of committing blasphemy. When the accused Christian man was convicted in 2014, he received the death sentence. After serving six years in prison, he was acquitted of all charges on October 5th, 2020, by the Lahore High Court. For more details on his case, go to this page.

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