Persecution & Prayer Alert

"Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts
may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is
in the One who hears it and not in the one who
says it, our prayers do make a difference."

~ Max Lucado

India: Prayer Meeting Attacked; Twenty Injured

Source(s): International Christian Concern

Church in India - Photo: Morning Star News
Pray that India's Christians will continue to meet and encourage one another.
Photo: Morning Star News

Twenty Christians were seriously injured after a mob stormed the prayer meeting they attended. According to local reports, more than 150 believers were gathered together on July 2nd when 25 Hindu villagers attacked them, beating them with wooden rods. When the mayhem finally concluded, 20 Christians were severely injured; some with broken bones. Ten motorcycles were also damaged, along with furniture and musical instruments.

Pakistan: No Church Allowed in Village

Source(s): World Watch Monitor, Pakistan Today, UCANews

Church in Nayya Sarabah - Photo: World Watch Monitor
Church in Nayya Sarabah
Photo: Morning Star News

Six months after Christians in the village of Nayya Sarabah were stopped from meeting for worship, the community's officials are now demanding that the church building be destroyed. Local Muslims are refusing to allow a church facility within the village.

Since the construction of the church building in 2012, services have been held regularly for the past several years. However, in December 2016, local Muslims objected. After negotiations, a compromise was reached, allowing the church members to continue meeting. One year later, in December 2017, an application was submitted to the local police station and the church members were forced to sign a pledge, stating that they would no longer meet in the village. Authorities claimed that this legal agreement was for their own safety, explaining that the police were unable to provide security for them.

Algeria: Christian Acquitted

Source(s): World Watch Monitor, Evangelical Focus, Gospel Geral

Idir Hamdad - World Watch Monitor
Idir Hamdad
Photo: World Watch Monitor

In April 2016, Idir Hamdad was returning to Algeria from a study trip to Amman, Jordan. When his luggage was inspected at the airport upon return, customs officials found his Bible and some other Christian books, along with some cross-shaped keychains he had been given. He was interrogated for eight hours, during which time the officers insulted his faith and told him that if he renounced Christianity, he would be freed.

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