Church Raided Again


Xingguang Church member's property being destroyed - Photo: ChinaAid
Officials destroying Christians' property.
Photo: ChinaAid

On May 3rd, security officers burst into a home where members of the Xingguang Church in Xiamen were meeting. Worshippers were dragged from the building (see the full report of this initial raid). In a second series of attacks, several homes where church members gathered for meetings were raided on June 11th. More than 100 officials from various governmental departments were involved in these attacks.

Demolishing various rooms in the homes, as well as property, the officials proceeded to confiscate educational material and furniture, along with personal belongings. In all, more than 12 homes were ruined. Some of the church members managed to capture short video clips of the raids, even though -- in at least one case -- a phone was taken away for doing so. Some of the available video footage has been shared by Bob Fu, founder of ChinaAid, and is available for viewing at

Pray for the members and leaders of the Xingguang Church, and those of other churches throughout China, who have been facing incessant aggressive pressure from authorities. May they find opportunities to encourage one another in their faith. Also intercede for each of the officers involved, along with the country's governmental leaders, that they would come to understand the reverential fear of God and realize their need to turn to Him in faith.


Sources: VOMC, ChinaAid
Date: June 25, 2020

Video - Xingguang Church raid
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Greg Musselman recently interviewed ChinaAid's Bob Fu about the attacks, as well as the increase of persecution in China. Go to this page to view a two-minute video excerpt.