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Pabel, a dedicated ministry partner who
gave his all for the cause of Christ.

One of our outreach partners, Pabel, a 33-year-old evangelist of the Colombia Para Cristo ministry, had mysteriously disappeared last month. In late November of 2014, eight days after his disappearance, Pabel's body was located in the mountains of the Paez Indian Territory. The two murderers responsible for committing this crime have confessed and are now in Indian custody.

Although the loss of Pabel is tragic, his widowed young wife is responding through God's amazing grace which in itself is a very powerful testimony, especially for the confessing perpetrators. Kelly was granted permission to confront her husband's murderers as she had requested. Explaining to the young men that although Pabel had always wanted to be with the Lord, the crime they committed has also caused serious harm to her family. She is now left without a provider and her two young children no longer have their father. However, as a Christian, Kelly willingly forgave the men responsible for her tremendous loss, mentioning that she would also ask God to forgive them.

"Pabel lived and died for the cause of Jesus Christ," Kelly explained during a recent conversation with our ministry contact. "Life goes on," she says with heartfelt emotion. "And here I am with the flag to continue on with the work. Pabel never preached the Gospel to make friends, but to save souls in the midst of such a place."

Her husband Pabel, who was one of our ministry team's dearest friends, will be remembered as a valiant evangelist who gave his all for the cause of Christ. (To view a video clip of Pabel in a previously taped interview, please go to: Persecution.TV/Pabel.)

While we don't fully understand why Pabel's productive life was not spared, we can be sure that God will keep His promises to now provide comfort and care for this young widow and her two children. Please join us in upholding Pabel's recently widowed wife Kelly and their little ones in prayer, asking the Lord to surround them with His love and comforting presence as they work through the shock of their recent loss. May ALL things -- even this tragic situation -- work together for good in their lives (Romans 8:28), and also in the lives of many others there in Colombia so that Pabel's desire to save souls is fully realized.