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Abdo Younan's daughter
Photo from Copts-United

A Coptic Christian man was murdered and three others suffered severe stab wounds when a Muslim man, Osama Araban (35), attacked three villages in northern Egypt on September 16, according to a September 21 report from Assyrian International News Agency. Abdo George Younan (63) was stabbed nine times and his head severed from his body in the village of Bagour. Araban then travelled to the nearby village of Behnay and attacked Adib Boulous, a Christian shoemaker. Boulous suffered a broken skull and lung hemorrhage. An eyewitness was able to stop Araban, who then went on motorcycle to the village of Mit Afif where he stabbed a third man, Sobhy Barsum. Barsum's brother, Hani Barsum, was also stabbed and sustained severe wounds to his neck. Araban was arrested the following day. Thousands of Copts joined in Younan's funeral procession, carrying banners calling for justice in this case and protection for Egypt's Christians.

Pray for the families and friends mourning the loss of Abdo George Younan. Pray for healing for those injured. Pray that God will bring to repentance those who afflict His people (Psalm 83).

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