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Rooftop satellite television dishes are
typical in the Middle East and North Africa.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Bbbremi (cc)

Officers from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology's Censorship Department entered the television broadcasting offices of SAT-7 in Cairo on Saturday, October 10th. After presenting a search warrant, they proceeded to confiscate cameras and other vital broadcasting equipment. Farid Samir, the director of SAT-7's operations in Egypt, was taken in for questioning by police but released after Egyptian church leaders intervened on his behalf.

During a two-hour hearing the following day, charges were brought against Farid claiming incorrect registration of a TV channel, failure to hold licences for certain editing activities, and failure to comply with regulations concerning live streaming of broadcasts on the Internet. However, lawyers acting on SAT-7's behalf refuted these charges, demonstrating that the censorship department's report contained factual errors and presenting evidence to confirm that SAT-7's registration and licences are in good order.

It is yet to be determined whether the case should proceed to court as deliberations could take up to two weeks' time. Meanwhile, SAT-7 will be deprived of its confiscated equipment, causing significant disruptions to its operations. The broadcaster emphasizes that one of its key aims is to promote a peaceful co-existence in the Middle East by fostering bridges of understanding between different faith communities. More information on persecution in Egypt is available at this page.

Ask for God's peace and protection to be upon all who are involved in the broadcasting ministry of SAT-7, and that His wisdom be granted to Farid and his legal team in their interactions with the authorities. In fact, may the Lord's profound presence be experienced at every meeting to such an extent that even those in opposition won't be able to deny His reality and existence. Also pray that the television ministry be permitted to continue its operations unhindered, so the proclamation of the Gospel message and the promotion of a peaceful co-existence in the Middle East can continue blessing many viewers' lives.