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Pastor Khanna was arrested for alleged forced
conversion in Kashmir Valley.
Photo: Global Council of Indian Christians

Reverend C.M. Khanna, who was arrested and imprisoned on false charges of forced conversion in the Kashmir Valley in India in October, was granted bail by the Srinagar court and has been released from jail.

When Rev. Khanna could not help a Muslim cleric, the Grand Mufti, obtain admission for a student into one of the schools run by the Church of North India (CNI), it is believed the Grand Mufti retaliated by summoning the Christian to appear before the Sharia court on false charges of forced conversion based on video evidence of a routine baptism ceremony in his church. The seven newly baptized Christians had also previously been detained and beaten (for more, click here). Rev. Khanna appeared before the Sharia court in the interests of communal harmony in the Kashmir Valley, even though he was not legally bound in any way to appear before a Muslim court in a secular country like India. The arrest of Rev. Khanna has caused great fear among believers, however, say local sources.

Please pray that Reverend Khanna's courage and faith during his ordeal will be a testimony to others. Pray that efforts to win more souls for Christ will be blessed. Pray that God will soften the hearts of those opposed to the gospel in Kashmir Valley.

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