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Jharkhand landscape - Photo: Flickr / Wasim Raja
Jarkhand, India
Photo: Flickr / Wasim Raja (cc)

On October 13th, 2015, Pastor Chamu Hassa Purty was shot and killed while at his home in Sandih village, Jharkhand. The murder happened after he had prayed for a sick boy in a nearby village and then helped him get to hospital.

Five years later, on the evening of April 16th, two men came to the door of the Purty home, asking if it was the home of the pastor who was killed. Threatening the family members who were there, the men shouted: "That pastor was killed, but you did not learn a lesson. You have continued assembling in large numbers for Christian prayers. Where is the woman working as a spy?" Chamu's widow insisted they were not spies and demanded that the men leave the premises.

When Chamu's daughter, Neelam, entered the room to see what was happening, one of the men declared, "She is the one!" The day before, Neelam had returned from another community where she was employed as a teacher, since the school had shut down due to the coronavirus lockdown. The man holding a gun shot her and then fled. The bullet pierced Neelam's thumb and entered her thigh.

With the help of the local pastor, Neelam was transported to hospital where she underwent surgery a few days later. According to news sources, she is recovering well. A police report has been filed and the officers have identified some suspects. It is believed that those responsible for this attack may well be connected to the slaying that took place five years earlier. To view other reports on the persecution of Christians in India, visit our country report.

Pray that Neelam will fully recover from her injuries. May this young woman and her family, who are all undoubtedly reliving the trauma surrounding their loved one's death, experience the peace of God that transcends all understanding and His divine protection over their lives. Intercede for those responsible for the recent shooting, as well as the murder that took place five years prior, that they will not only be brought to justice but also genuine repentance. For only then will they be able to experience right standing with God through His Son Jesus Christ.