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Rokhsareh (Mahrokh) Ghanbari - Photo: Middle East Concern http://meconcern.org
Rokhsareh (Mahrokh) Ghanbari
Photo: Middle East Concern

In the endeavour to deal with the COVID-19 crisis, Iranian authorities released thousands of prisoners in mid-March to stop the spread within the country's prisons. It was noted, however, that many Christians detained for their faith were not included. We are pleased to report, however, that two Christian prisoners have gained their freedom.

Rokhsareh (Mahrokh) Ghanbari, who was initially charged in December 2018, appeared in court on July 27th of the following year for alleged "propaganda against the system." (To review a previously posted report, go to this page.) In October 2019, she was sentenced to one year in prison. We are thankful that although Mahrokh was granted temporary release on March 2nd, prison officials informed her on April 2nd that she no longer needs to return.

In March 2019, Amin Khaki was sentenced to 14 months in prison for alleged propaganda against the regime. While Amin was also temporarily released on March 2nd due to COVID-19 concerns, he received notification on April 6th that he would not have to return to prison.

Both Mahrokh and Amin were required to pay a $3,000 USD security deposit when released in March. However, it is expected that this money will be returned to them. For more on the persecution of Christians in Iran, visit our country report.

Praise God for the recent release of these two believers! Remember them in your prayers as they readjust to life outside of prison in the midst of these unprecedented times. Pray for the various Gospel outreaches that are going into Iran, whether they be conducted through satellite television broadcasts, ministries available via the Internet, or other forms of evangelism. As a result, may multitudes place their hope and confidence in the Risen Saviour.